As one of the earliest hires within Narrative, you'll help define the voice that everyone comes to know Narrative by. Since data is everywhere, Narrative's voice needs to be everywhere. You'll help educate our audience, and be a thought leader.


  • Develop product messaging that’s non-jargony
  • Be pro-active with creative, new ideas for reaching current and new audiences
  • Automate all that can be automated
  • Track all that can be tracked
  • Adjust and optimize all marketing touch points
  • Make sure everything is consistent across all channels (voice and visuals)
  • Understand the product and market well enough to help create new opportunities
  • Write compelling copy
  • Accelerate lead capture and conversion


  • Experience with data, analytics, UX and software development processes
  • Experience implementing and using marketing automation software.
  • Demonstrated success in a product marketing role
  • Excellent communication skills: verbal, written, and visual
  • Ability to translate complex concepts into simple, clear and intuitive language
  • Analytical, creative, and strategic thinking and a willingness to take calculated risks
  • Customer focus, with a deep understanding of the value Narrative provides for users
  • Growth mindset, adaptability, and a drive for continuous improvement


  • Proficiency in GSuite and/or Microsoft Office
  • Familiarity with Google Analytics

About Narrative

These days, data is everywhere and has immense benefits for businesses. Companies that have data can sell it to companies that need it to improve their business; a win-win situation. However, current data discovery and distribution inefficiencies slow this win-win situation down to a grinding halt.

Narrative simplifies the data landscape by automating the hard-to-navigate world of data acquisition and distribution into two, easy-to-use software platforms.

Narrative's Acquire platform gives businesses access to massive amounts of raw data across many suppliers. With full transparency, companies know exactly what they’re getting and which suppliers it came from.

Narrative's Distribute platform standardizes and deduplicates data, giving companies instant demand for their data and new, turn-key revenue streams.

On top of that, everything is automated, centrally managed with actionable analytics and aligns with GDPR compliance.

In a world where raw data is fueling businesses, Narrative is the platform that powers the data economy.

Perks & benefits

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Flexible vacation & paid time off
  • Equity plan
  • Relaxed and engaging workplace